Welcome in a responsible world!

We know that environmental pollution is responsible for 9 million deaths per year (Dr. Ananya Roy, 2017). About 73% of these “green crimes” are caused by firms (Franco Frattini, European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security), so a total of about 6.5 million deaths per year. We know also that 317 million accidents occur on the job annually and there are more than 2.3 million deaths from a work-related accident or disease per year (International Labor Organization). There are more than 8.8 million deaths per year caused by the environmental pollution or work conditions. We can do something to change the situation.

EFSER was created because we care about people, about nature, about you and me. We want to give free information with the best environmental or social practices in cities, firms, universities, with the best environmental and social reporting practices, with different responsible innovations or research, with all is necessary to improve our level of responsibility. We consider that an informed person is a protected person and a more responsible one.

This web-platform could be a tool: for people interested to understand more about how to protect the world and themselves, for investors to invest in responsible innovations, for students to find responsible start-ups or firms where they could have an internship, for responsible innovators to see that we really appreciate their work and we put persons in contact with them, for financial directors to improve their environmental and social reporting and actions.

Enjoy to be here and to be a responsible person!

Elena M. Barbu