Passion Planner: An Innovation to Organize your Life

Innovation created by: Angelia Trinidad, CEO of Passion Planner

Presentation written by: Tiphaine CUISSET,

Presentation supervised by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elena M. BARBU,



The story begins in 2013. The future CEO of Passion Planner, Angelia Trinidad, has graduated with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles. During her studies, she changed her major from Pre-Med to Art, against everyone’s advice. Now, she is feeling very lost, and scared as well. She doesn’t know what she should do in her life. She tries several different jobs but she doesn’t feel really fulfilled about it. She describes this feeling as of a “ ‘directionless floating’ caused by post-college uncertainty”. She wanted to create a planner which could help people to pursue their dreams and passions by “doing something everyday and holding themselves accountable”, which she didn’t find in any already existing planners. After hesitating for quite some time, she decided to throw herself in this idea and a few months later, the first draft of the Passion Planner was born.

She launched her first kickstarster in November 2013. In a month, 1059 people contributed $48,030, enabling her to make of Passion Planner an actual product helping people from all over the world: the contributors were actually from 40 different countries!



The official definition of the Passion Planner is this one:

“Passion Planner is the one place for all your thoughts. It’s more than just a planner—it’s a tool that helps you break down your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. It has been designed to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present.”

The Passion Roadmap:

One of the most important feature of the Passion Planner is the ‘Passion Roadmap’, which helps you setting your goals. You ask yourself: what do I want to achieve within 3 months? One or three years? A lifetime? It then helps you to break each goal into smaller steps that you can incorporate in your monthly and weekly layouts.

Then, you have a full year calendar, followed by a monthly overview where you can set and plan some important goals. You have moreover the obvious weekly layouts with personal and work to-do lists, the week’s focus, ‘good things that happened’, inspirational quotes with their related challenges, and ‘space of infinite possibility’ sections. Finally, each month ends with a two-pages of reflection. Are you satisfied about what you did? What did you learn, what are you grateful for? How can you improve next month?

The weekly layout

The monthly layout




The whole concept of the Passion Planner is to me a strategic and responsible innovation, and for several reasons that I will list below.


3.1. The Passion Planner is free for private use

You can download the PDF version of the Passion Planner for free on the website, and you can do so since November 2013 while she was still at her first kickstarter and that she could have lost potential backers. The only thing Angelia Trinidad asks of you in return is that you share the page on one of the well-known social media. She explained why she kept it this way and why it was still is a success for her while people could have chosen not to pay for it with the following words:

“I really want people to be able to use it, regardless of their financial ability. I believe people will give when they can and when they want to support a vision; I appreciate that kind of business model. I’m doing this project to help people and not to make money. I think when you genuinely help people everything else will fall into place.”

It was what actually made her campaign viral. In offering the possibility to get the planner for free, the video of her project was shared more than 500 000 times, making it a success.


3.2.  Get one, give one program

To help even more people, Angelia Trinidad decided that for every planner sold, she will give one away. That was launched by her 2015 kickstarter. To this day, more than 150 000 planners have been donated to organizations, schools or individuals. You can actually individually apply to this program if you can’t afford to buy it. Limited editions have been made for causes such as Youth, Veterans, Breast cancer and Domestic Violence. Her 2016 kickstarter was a Get One, Give 3 program. For every planner sold in this specific campaign, she and her team gave three planners to students.


3.3. The environmental issue

Passion Planner wants to do more for the planet, and it has several features which take our Earth into account. First of all, all the Passion Planners have now a vegan faux-leather cover since 2014. Then, all the planners are printed on 100% recycled paper since the beginning.


4. Passion Planner Eco : The 2017 kickstarter

This kickstarter launched the new passion planner eco. The latter is composed of two parts. The first one consists of an 100% recycled paper booklet, cheaper than the classic bound planner. The second part is an Eco sleeve: it is actually made with the same vegan faux leather than the cover of the bound planner, but it is actually a reusable cover that you can use over and over every year with a new eco booklet. That way you can also buy several reusable covers of different colors and use them according to your current mood.

With this new more eco-friendly planner they decided that for every planner sold during this kickstarter they will plant a tree with the help of the One Tree Planted non profit organization. At the end of the campaign, the backers received a survey asking them to choose among several places where they wanted their tree planted.



According to the aspects of environmental and social responsibility studied in class, we can safely say that Passion Planner follows the three directions, which are :

  1. Contributing to a better society : Passion Planner gives free planners to individuals, schools and organizations; for people who can afford it and/or could need it. You can also download the PDF version for free. Plus, to start with, Angelia Trinidad created this planner to help people to follow their dreams more than to make money, she said it herself.
  2. Minimizing environmental harm : With its new ECO line and its One Tree Planted action during the 2017 kickstarter, Passion Planner redoubled its efforts to be even more eco-friendly, which they were already with their 100% recycled paper.
  3. Delivering sustainable development : It works because Passion Planner meets the needs of a lot of people every year while allowing Angelia Trinidad and her employees to earn a living, and limiting its impact on the environment and consequently on future generations.


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