Eden Garde: An Innovative Service for People and Pets

Innovation created by: Eden Garde

Presentation written by: Ornella DULELLARI, manager.edengarde@gmail.com

Presentation supervised by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elena M. BARBU, elena.barbu@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr


Eden Garde is a trustworthy and economical community platform that offers various services for pets in France.


1. Company’s presentation

The current address is Incubateur de Savoie Technolac | Bât.House Boat 9 |12 allée lac de Garde  | F 73374 Le Bourget-du-Lac CEDEX and the company’s current directors are Ornella Dulellari and Miguena Dulellari. This is a limited company with a capital of EUR 1000.00 having its head office in DUBLIN, incorporated under the registration number 566774 and which has started her activity in january 2016.

Eden Garde’s community counts today more than 12 000 members.

The organization has 4 service providers and 3 trainees. A webmaster, a veterinary, an animal behaviorist, a SEO specialist, a community manager, and two salesman.

The platform is currently available and all services are available for free. Its improvement is done daily, thanks also to feedback from users, and a final version is planned for the summer of 2018. In this version, some services will become paid .


2. A strategic and responsible innovation

In France every year more than 60.000 pets (dogs, cats, etc.) are abandoned by their owners; especially during the summer.

To solve this problem, the goal of EDEN GARDE is to offer solutions for pet owners at affordable prices and with a high level of reliability and security through a collaborative  platform. The services offered are divided into the following categories:,

– pet care, (or pet-sitting): pet owners can get in touch with pet-sitters (private individuals or professionals ) in order to take care of them when they leave. In order to ensure pet’s safety, pet owners may request a proof of identity from the pet sitter ( photographic or video and a check deposit if the petsitter stays at home). On the pet-sitters’ side, they undertake to sign a charter of good behavior and to take all the necessary measures, particularly in terms of third-party liability insurance,

– pets adoption : this service allow you to adopt a pet. The customer is able to contact the advertiser. The terms and conditions of the adoption are to be stated between the client and the advertiser.

Eden Garde reminds his users that pet adoption is a responsible act and a true commitment. It is a decision that should be taken after careful consideration. Animals are not objects; they are sentient beings who will be in your life for about twenty years.

Animal trafficking is strictly prohibited on the website

Moreover, every Thursday and Friday night a veterinarian and behaviorist answer user’s questions online for free  to promote animal welfare. It is an exclusive and new service in France.

Finally, EDEN GARDE’s purpose is to facilitate interactions between individuals, professionals and associations involved in these categories of services by ensuring a better organization through the exchange of information and flows and to promote pets well being.