I consider that humans have an incredible capacity to create and to innovate. At the same time, in the heart of each person it is a will to protect him(her)self and the others, to respect the environment where he/she lives, and to have a better life. For that reason, I intend to identify here with my responsible friends, students, researchers, and professors, the most important innovations protecting people and environment.

We will identify here responsible revolutionary innovations (creating new ideas and introducing new value networks as the invention of solar panels), and responsible evolutionary innovations (concerning the overtime development and enhancement of ideas and tools to increase the efficiency and the sustainability of an existing product or service).

At the same time, we will observe different types of responsible innovations concerning:

  • A responsible process aiming at the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method protecting the environment.
  • A responsible product innovation through the introduction of a new or significantly improved product that generates new customer values.
  • A responsible incremental innovation concerning small continuous sustainable improvement to existing products, services and processes.
  • A responsible managerial innovation trying to find new ways in which people manage and share resources in a responsible way.
  • A responsible business model innovation finding new sustainable ways in which an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.
  • A responsible service innovation aiming at the introduction of new or significantly improved service that protect the environment or people.

If you consider that an innovation you know should be integrated in our responsible innovations, please be part of our team and send us your idea (elena.barbu@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr).

Kindly yours,

Elena M. Barbu